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who we are

We Serve the City was born out of a burden to give every citizen of Virginia Beach, the best possible opportunity to succeed by performing simple acts of service.  Out of this burden, we began to sense and see the mandate on creative ways to serve the community around us.


What is We Serve the City?  We are a local 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization with a mission to serve the City of Virginia Beach through simple acts of service.


What Types of Acts of Service?  Targeted Community-style Campaigns, Special-needs Events, Feeding Program, Mentoring and Counseling and other Community Initiatives to help strengthen the families in Virginia Beach.


  • We provide free food to families and individuals. 

  • We provide information to raise the awareness.

  • We provide safe and fun activities for kids in the summer.   

  • We provide resources for children as goingback to school.

  • We provide family counseling and supportive services.

  • We do this through collaborative partnerships.

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